Choice Properties

Creating a purposeful and inspirational brand for one of Canada’s leading Real Estate Investment Trusts.

In 2020, after Choice Properties’ acquisition of Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust, Galen Weston Jr. reached out to Puncture to help refine the brand and bring together both companies under one new direction.

The project resulted in a new communications platform and refreshed visual identity that is both purposeful and inspirational. Choice is a business committed to the long-term and creating generational value, the visual identity expresses that commitment.



Choice Properties is a leading Real Estate Investment Trust that creates enduring value through the ownership, operation and development of high-quality commercial and residential properties.

Since 2020, Puncture has provided ongoing integrated communication services to the Choice Properties team—any touchpoint that reinforces the brand and communicates a message, we provide services for. This includes design on all major corporate reports including the Annual Report, ESG Report, and Investor Presentations. We advise on community engagement strategies and help develop experiential assets such as their electric vehicle charging stations, bike stations, and George Weston Limited booth design. We provide writing and narrative development for a variety of projects we produce, video production, motion graphics, social media, websites, and photography services.