Helping a new bakery change the perception of bread.

We were approached by an entrepreneur with a bold vision – to transform the public’s perception of bread. At the time, many people had adopted a carb-conscious mindset, viewing bread as a dietary villain. However, Brodflour’s founder aimed to challenge these misconceptions.

In collaboration with Brodflour, Puncture crafted a unique brand identity. Emphasizing their commitment to fresh-milled flour and genuinely fresh-made bread, the values were positioned as the core. This symbolized not just quality but authenticity.



To distinguish Brodflour from conventional bakeries, Puncture curated an ambiance and visual identity that stood out from other bakeries. We also advised on interior design, creating a warm, sophisticated yet inviting nordic style.

Incorporating these design principles added simplicity and refinement. This resonated with Brodflour’s commitment to quality, offering a distinct experience in a crowded market.

The result was a brand that tantalized taste buds and gave people the license to enjoy bread again.