A brand reposition and visual identity redesign of an organization dedicated to unleashing the power of place.

The refreshed Shorefast logo is a simple visual metaphor for the organization’s name, representing the idea of holding on and while also reaching out. A “shorefast” is the line and mooring used to attach a traditional cod trap to the shore, and is a strong symbol of Fogo Island’s cod fishing heritage. Shorefast chose this name because it embodies the belief in the importance of holding onto community, and in the power of authentic connections between individuals and the nature and culture of place.

Place is the anchor that holds the brand system together. The visual identity is characterized by a colour palette of nine hues inspired by the landscape of Fogo Island: Shoal, Deep Sea, Sea, Oyster, Stone, Moss, Bark, Glacier and Flower. The brand is rounded out by a simple typographic system and layouts that are open, approachable and considered, echoing the landscape of Fogo Island, the spirit of its people, and the Shorefast organization as a whole.



Since its inception in 2004, Shorefast’s goal has been to foster economic and cultural resilience in Fogo Island, Newfoundland, a 400-year-old outport fishing community that has been severely impacted by the decline of the cod fishery. The organization is perhaps best known for its Fogo Island Inn, which reinvests all of its profits back into the community.

Shorefast came to Puncture at the end of 2022, as the organization has begun to expand its work beyond Fogo Island by collaborating with other communities across Canada. They needed a new identity that reflected their growth, while also representing their enduring commitment to Fogo Island.

Puncture was tasked with refreshing the brand positioning, visual identity, and creating a stunning new website to showcase it all.