6 Degrees

Building an identity that is both urgent and optimistic.

Arts & Culture


For its 10th anniversary, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) launched its most ambitious initiative to date—6 Degrees: Citizen Space, a three-day event that gathers international cultural influencers in a dynamic environment for discussion on the world’s pressing issues.

The ICC and its founders knew they needed a partner with experience branding, selling, and producing an event of this scale. Puncture developed a thoughtful visual identity to reflect the tone and content of the conference, while drawing in new audiences. We then rolled out the identity across a number of marketing, on-site, fundraising, and internal assets, both digital and print, to help facilitate the event’s growth.

Puncture continues to provide year-round strategic design support. We helped develop the strategic launch campaign using digital media as well as impeccably-executed marketing materials and out-of-home advertising to draw attention and increase attendance to the event. This past year, we launched new pod events in Den Haag and Berlin and elevated the existing brand to make it bolder and more urgent for the annual Toronto conference.