Helping a world-renowned Baroque orchestra invite new audiences in, with a simple and bold brand identity.

Tafelmusik, a world-renowned Baroque orchestra and choir, tasked Puncture with refreshing their visual identity and communication platform. Their main goals were to increase and diversify their audience and donor base. It was very important that the new brand honored the past while embracing the present—they needed to show they were moving forward without alienating their current audience.

We built a new brand strategy, positioning and communication toolkit. The entire brand is rooted in the idea of sharing beauty, which foregrounds all of Tafelmusik’s performances and is the reason why so many people have dedicated their lives to this music. We landed on “Tafelmusik invites audiences to engage with beauty through evocative live music experiences” as the brand position.

Arts & Culture


Taking the cue of “sharing beauty,” we developed a succinct visual identity that’s equipped to handle new and changing sub-brands, a rich colour palette and elegant imagery. The identity is informed by the beauty, symmetry and colour found in baroque art and architecture, which is emblematized in the signature diamond wordmark we created. The masterbrand was built with flexibility in mind, it expands to create unique season identities that incorporate new imagery and colours that are inspired by the season’s performances.

We continue to work with Tafelmusik on their marketing and content creation on an ongoing basis. This includes creative direction of season identities, signage, print and digital pieces, email and digital marketing, video series, and a seasonal magazine.