Building a new website and visual assets for a community organization that transforms underused spaces into accessible gathering places.

The new website for plazaPOPS captures the energy of suburban main streets in Toronto, using a vibrant colour palette and expressive street sign motifs.

Arts & CultureNon-Profit


plazaPOPS is a non-profit organization that transforms parking lots and other under-invested spaces, into free, safe and accessible gathering places. Largely located along suburban main streets where vibrant culture already exists, plazaPOPS partners with these local community groups, landowners and businesses, to support and celebrate these vital connections.

Their initiatives impact many different communities, in which Puncture was asked to create a new website that helps visualize and showcase the value that’s being created. The website captures the organization’s playful personality and forward-thinking initiatives, and provides an infrastructure for their events, programming and research—creating an open invitation for everyone to get involved.