Weston Family Foundation

A new visual identity and communications platform for a foundation dedicated to creating a healthier, more resilient Canada.

For three generations, the Weston Family has maintained a strong tradition of giving. After a two-year strategic review, the foundation narrowed their focus to generate impact by advancing the health and landscapes of Canada. This new mission and vision called for a new name, identity and website, as The W. Garfield Weston Foundation became the Weston Family Foundation.

With a new name and a refreshed mission, Puncture was asked to create a new identity to capture this important shift, while also reaffirming the roots of the Weston family legacy. Agriculture has always been at the heart of the Weston story, as well as Canada’s history as a whole. Our team started from the iconic image of a wheat sheaf, integrating a unique Weston “W”, and built a simple but robust visual identity system around it to create a cohesive and confident brand that expresses the Weston Foundation story.



The website reflects the foundation’s innovative spirit and forward-thinking initiatives, and provides an infrastructure for all programs and supports an online hub for posting and applying for grants.